Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Another exciting discovery

I didn't make this discovery - rather it was made by Terry Cantwell and the Southern Ocean Exploration team. They discovered, after 76 years, the wreck of "TSS Coramba". This was the ship which foundered with all hands lost on 30th November 1934. My grandfather, John Loring SULLIVAN, lost his life along with 16 other crew members including the Captain.
This newspaper article tells the story.

However, there is more to tell. While we were on holiday I saw, for the first time, a life buoy from the "Coramba" at the Maritime discovery Centre in Portland. Then, on the day the above article was in The Age I actually touched the bell of the "Coramba" at the History Centre in Port Fairy. There was also another life buoy at Port Fairy. These, and the bell, and a derrick, had been washed up on the shore of Phillip Island after the "Coramba" sank.

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  1. Hi Jan
    The Coramba discovery was terrific. I have to say though that the credit must go to the Southern Ocean Exploration divers and researchers.

    I was only an observer on the day. We just follow them and document what they do, it's easy for us. The work that these guys do is marvellous. 8 years looking for the Coramba. It's a great effort.

    Very glad that your family is so happy about the discovery. The other Coramba relatives that we have spoken to feel the same way. It's wonderful that the mystery has been solved after all these years and that now people can rest.

    Terry Cantwell
    Whitewater Documentaries