Thursday, January 05, 2012

Just Found Another Rellie!

Rees JONES, Mayor of Cardiff 1880
Wow!  I have just received an email from a descendant of my great grandfather.  I knew my great grandparents (William Luther JONES and Eliza DIXON) had four children, one being my grandmother Christina Ruby JONES.  I never knew Christina because she died in 1947, 6 years before I was born.  I did know her sister Edith Marion CHISHOLM, nee JONES, known as May.  When I was growing up we visited Aunty May and Uncle Tom quite often.  They lived at Warrandyte.  They had no children together, although Uncle Tom had a daughter from his first marriage.  We used to see Thelma occasionally too.  My great grandparents also had two sons - Cyril Rees, known as Rees, and Henry Herbert Rex, known as Harry.  Recently I have been in contact with a descendant of Rees.  Now I have been contacted by a descendant of Henry.  The lovely thing is that this lady, Val, has transcripts of letters written to William Luther JONES by his mother.  There are four letters!  They mention his wife Eliza, and the children.  On one occasion she sent £100 for Xmas presents for the children.  Given Willie's addiction to gambling I wonder if the children ever received those Christmas presents.  The letters mention a number of people I have come across in my research, but they also mention names I've never heard.  Who is "Doll" for instance?  Obviously someone in the family as she was to be consulted about how the house should be decorated, having similar tastes to Mary.  Thank you Val, for sharing this wonderful insight into my great great grandmother.  I am still none the wiser as to how Val has seen my work.  Her name isn't familiar as a contact from Ancestry, nor Genes Reunited.  I did ask her how she had seen my work, but she didn't enlighten me.  Apparently she has a small photocopy of a photo of Mary JONES, nee COOK.
Added 6.1.2012 - Val found my work through a Google Search - Yay for the Internet!

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