Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Eureka! I've found her!!

Yes, after all my years of searching I have finally found the birth and baptism of my great great grandmother Caroline Jessie LORING, nee BUTLER.  I knew she was born around about 1830, I knew from her Marriage Certificate that her father was named James, and that he was a Carpenter.  Today, on I found a Baptism Register entry for a Caroline, daughter of James and Mary, James being a Carpenter!  Her date of birth is shown as 25th November 1832, and her Baptism was on 30th June 1837.  Perserverance DOES pay off.  I was sure I would find her one day.  Now I want to find the name of John LORING's first wife who had made him a widower before his marriage to Mary BECKHAM in 1800.  Now, who can I share my discovery with?


  1. Congratulations!! It's encouraging to hear others talk about knocking down a brick wall.

  2. Thank you! I have many brick walls, and it certainly is exciting when one comes tumbling down.

  3. Well done! I hope you did a lap of honour around the house :)

    1. Well, not quite a lap of honour but I certainly sent lots of excited emails off to other researchers - even to some who aren't related on this particular line, but are sharing my search on other lines.