Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sharing Again

I have just been overwhelmed by the generosity of a fellow researcher.  Rob McNeill of NSW, a descendant of James DANIELS has been working hard on producing a second edition of his book about the descendants of James DANIEL(S).  I have helped a little, especially re the Edward HAWTON side of the line, and have been in fairly frequent contact with him over the time.  I also alerted him tot he fact that Nigel BUTTERFIELD had proved that James had an Indian family before being transported to Australia.  Rob was reluctant to accept Nigel's evidenece initially, but eventually saw it for what it was.  Trouble was, there had been a very long goose trail on another line for a long time, until the marriage of Sara Ana Young DANIELS to George McLENNAN was proved to be incorrect.  Naaturally Rob was wary of accepting this new evidence that came totally out of the blue.
Anyway, Rob's book finally rolled off the presses - ata a cost of $85 each!  I knew it would be pricey, but was expecting something like $40.  I had to tell Rob I couldn't justify that much at the momemt.  He then floored me by offering a complimentary copy to thank me for my help.  I didn't feel I had helped all tat much - not when you see the size of the book.  It must be 4" thick!  It is a good mix of pedigree and anecdotal stories, photos, certificates and  othe documents.  A mammoth task!
Anyone with an interest in the DANIELS descendants, including HAWTON, should consider this book as a terrific record of their family story.  Thanks Rob, for all your hard work, and especially for the copy of the book.  I appreciate both.

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  1. Hi my is Mia and I am also descendent of the Daniels (my great grandmother is Eva Maud McPherson nee Hawton) and my mum is really interested in purchasing in the book. I was just wondering if you knew how we could purchase it or had any contact info for Rob.

    Thanks Mia